Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Astrology webquest

Today you are going to learn about Astrology.

1. Discuss the following questions in groups or as a class.

What do you know about fortune telling?
What kinds of traditional fortune telling exist in your country and culture?
Do you believe that people can predict the future?

2. Your teacher will assign you a group, each group will research about a topic in astrology and report back to the class.

Group A: Read about the history of astrology here and answer the following questions: When did astrology begin? Where did it begin? When did astrology become popular among everyday people? Why?

Group B: Read about some of the mythology behind astrology here and andwer the following questions: Pick three different signs and describe the mythology behind them.

3. Now, go here and learn more about your sun sign. For example, I am a Gemini. Read a little bit about your sun sign and answer the following questions: What is your sign's element? What is your sign's quality? What is your sign's ruling planet and what are the astrological qualities of this planet? Do you think the description of your astrological sign is accurate? Why or why not?

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